Denai Moore, once mentored by Plan B, is the new sensation

Denai Moore, the twenty two year old singer-songwriter, is hot for all the perfect reasons. Denai is born in Jamaica and she is raised in Stratford region of East London, she has been engaged in music since she was just 8 years old- penning her very first track, at the age of twelve.

Actually rooted on by Lauryn Hill for her honesty, as time went on she started to try out with her musical preferences, ducking a toe into the likes of Bon Iver and Feist - both of whom she still in love with.

Eminem reveals 'Southpaw' trailer on Twitter

The "Southpaw" trailer, a movie originally set to rap-star Eminem, was debuted earlier today by Detroit rap icon. Earlier this morning, the official Twitter account of Eminem uploaded the preview video.

The rap artist, whose original name is Marshall Mathers , tweeted: “Sneak peek of some new stuff I've been working on in the @SouthPawMovie trailer. World premiere!”

Plan B Made His Point Clear In Ill Manors

Not many songs come with a statement of their purpose and intention. However, the singer rapper believes that his single “Ill Manors” requires clarification.

The subject of the single is the 2011 summer riots that spread across England. Reports confirmed that Ben Drew, aka Plan B, moved on so rapidly from Tottenham’s street fights to the Tripoli battles that they were not examined properly.

Plan B discloses News of Becoming a Proud Father

The “She Said” star Plan B or Benjamin Paul Balance-Drew has announced that he became a proud father after his long-term partner gave birth to a girl child last year.

While making the announcement, the rapper sounded ecstatic and proud.

After spending the first Christmas with their newly born child last year, the 30-year-old star and his girlfriend felt overjoyed. In an interview with The Sun, the rapper said that the newborn and her mother are both well and fit.

Harry Styles of One Direction named as Top Influential Figure in Jewish Society

One direction’s Harry Styles is not just a well known singer throughout the world. The curly haired singer, now, has another title to add to his name. Harry has been named as one of the most well known names in Jewish community.
Harry Styles, in the last few years, has won a plethora of honors of which address his charity works, music, impeccable fashion sense and also his hair. Still, the newest honor is his best to date. Styles has been named as the most Influential Jewish man. In spite of not being a Jew, Styles has now ranked the highest among twenty other Jewish candidates.